• Jaxsta

    Jaxsta is the world’s largest Official Music Credits database, with over 300M credits, 80M pages of deep-linked recording and creator data.

    Jaxsta’s data is licensed, verified and not crowd sourced.

    Become a Creator Member on Jaxsta, set up your Profile and One Sheet in advance; Jaxsta is offering a 50% discount (normally USD$49) to all MPG Full and Associate Members

  • The Qube

    The Music Producers Guild has teamed up with The Qube studios to offer all MPG  Full Members 15% off your first 12 months Qube membership. 

    The Qube is a multi-faceted creative sanctuary, consisting of top-tier recording, podcast and photography studios. Operating on a membership basis, the space welcomes a broad community of talented music creators, photographers and podcasters to facilitate growth at whatever point in your creative journey. 

  • Musicguard

    Providing music insurance since 1997, Musicguard Insurance are pleased to offer MPG Full Members 10% discount on insurance cover, whether your equipment is lost, stolen or accidently damaged. Specifically designed for producers & engineers in the UK.

  • Music Insurance Brokers

    Music Insurance Brokers offer exclusive insurance discounts and cover for MPG Full Members. Bespoke studio packages, freelance and artist/band cover all available.

  • The Association of Independent Music

    AIM is the trade association that looks after independent labels in the UK, from the largest independent labels, to self releasing artists and start-up companies.

    The Music Producers Guild is now an affiliate member of AIM, meaning any Full Members of the MPG can join AIM with a 25% reduction off the AIM joining fee.

  • Penny Ganz & Co.

    Penny Ganz, a UK music business lawyer of more than twenty five years experience, offers MPG Full Members a free 45 minute legal consultation.


  • Tysers Music & Event Insurance Specialists

    Tysers, the leading music industry insurance broker, have negotiated special terms on behalf of MPG Full Members. They can arrange customised insurance packages to incorporate all your requirements including but not limited to Technical Equipment, Employers/Public Liability and Travel.

  • The Unsigned Guide

    The must have toolkit for emerging bands, artists, music managers and the entry-level UK music industry.

    MPG Full Members can get a 20% discount.

  • SongLink International

    Full & Associate Members of the MPG are entitled to FREE LISTINGS, and discounts on subscriptions to Songlink, Cuesheet and the Producer & Engineer Directory


  • HW Fisher

    The team at HW Fisher are dedicated to ensuring the financial security and prosperity of MPG Full Members, and in helping clients minimise their tax liability. Free tax advice.