• Pibox

    Pibox is an online music collaboration platform for music creators that allows sharing, discussing and organising tracks all in one secured place.

    Pibox is built to abstract away a world of complexity for the user while providing a rock solid platform across which music industry professionals can communicate about their product and work together to perfect it.
    Exclusive 20% discount available for MPG Full Members.

  • Groove3

    Groove3 offer training videos specifically targeted to the pro-audio community via online access. The videos cover many subjects including Pro Tools, Logic, BFD, Melodyne, Reason, Ableton Live, mixing, mastering, and more.

    Full Members of the MPG can now access all Groove3 training videos FREE (Usual price $150).

  • Record of the Day

    MPG Full Members qualify for a reduced price subscription of £30 for the first four months. You’ll soon wonder how you started the day without it.

  • Music Tank

    Music Tank – MPG Full Members benefit from the trade body discounts on all MusicTank events and other offerings.



  • All Studios

    AllStudios offers an experienced and personalised studio referral/finding service to MPG Full Members alongside a regularly up-dated, on-line search engine and Directory for Recording, Mastering and Rehearsal Studios. We help artists, producers, engineers, labels and management find studios with the particular spec they need (eg. Mixing desk, price range, location, size and equipment etc).