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The Empire Studio


From personal experience, my first session in a relatively new studio that I’d never been to before was as technically perfect as any in one of the most established studios in London. The equipment has been chosen extremely thoughtfully to cater to exactly the needs of the type of session (mediunm-sized strings for tv scores), so that even a mic collection that isn’t huge has everything you need for that type of session. The thing that put ERS in an award-winning category for me was the attention to detail from the assistant, Laura. The atmosphere and vibe of the studio was also really good.

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Here are the amazing nominees for the MPG Awards 2022 Self-Producing Artist of the Year, sponsored by @shure - @lau_ra_lau_ra @The_Anchoress Dean Richardson Good luck to everyone! The winner will be announced on 9 June πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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