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The Brook Studio


The Brook Studio has delivered an awesomely diverse body of work this year, all brought to impeccable form, be it in recording or mixing. These projects include: the Country music of Francis Rossi; the Frisbys’ Folk; Juha’s Alternative Pop/Dance Club tracks; the Restarts’ Hardcore Punk; and the radio-friendly Pop Punk of Wonk Unit. The Brook is invested in major chart acts and the music underground equally. It exists in service to the recordings, providing what a project needs on a case-by-case/unique-to-the-individual basis; when a recording simply needs its sound cleaned up and brought forward, that is what is delivered, and when more creative production is needed to make a project reachh new sonic heights, the Brook provides. The Brook Studio has a reputation of first meeting and then exceeding the expectations of the artists.

Andy always works tirelessly to ensure that we as a band can reach our potential when recording new material. The skill, speed and control that Andy displays shows a complete mastery of his domain and it is impressive to witness. He is a genuine gentleman who fully supports those he works with and creates a fantastic working environment that puts you at ease allowing for the best results and creativity. Simply put Andy is one of the most professional, skillful and hardworking people I have ever met and he is incredibly dedicated to making and helping others to make the best music possible, and for that he has our sincerest gratitude. Wonderful Man!

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