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I have worked Studiowz, Pembrokeshire for pretty much every project for the last year. It is an incredible independent facility inside an old Welsh chapel, that has been lovingly restored and developed by head engineer Owain Fleetwood-Jenkins and his partner and artist Jodie-Marie Warlow. The studio and accommodation provide the perfect hidden getaway to lose yourself in creativity. It boasts an incredible drum and gear collection with everything maintained to an exceptionally high standard and every morning you’re greeted with hot coffee and the same eggs that are served to the Queen. Thats right, the same eggs are freshly delivered that supply all the Royal estates. It also offers a range of award winning holistic well being facilities. I have been lucky enough to take both major label and independent artists to Studiowz, all of which don’t want to leave and are eager to return.

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We welcome the #thisismusic report highlighting the devastation of the pandemic on our delicate ecosystem. We will fight hard to ensure the Recovery Plan works for our members. Thanks to MPG member @CatherineAD and studio member @MetropStudios who feature as case studies…

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