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Stormzy: ‘Heavy Is The Head’


Well balanced piece of work

Music tracks

Engineered by Manon Grandjean (Tracks 1-2,5,7-11,13), Darren Jones (2,4-6,8-9,11-12,14), Duncan Fuller and MJ Coles (Track 3), Fraser T Smith (Track 8), FRED (Track 10), Ed Thomas (Track 15), Liam Nolan (Track 16), Produced by FRED (Tracks 1,10-11), Fraser T Smith (Tracks 2,7-8), Jay Weathers (Tracks 4,13-14), Jimmy Naples and MJ Cole (Track 3), EY (Tracks 5,12), Frank Dukes and T-Minus (Track 6), Kassa ‘PRGSHN’ Alexander (Track 8), Owen Cutts (Track 9), Toddla T (Track 10), !llminds and AdotSkitz (Track 12), Cardiak (Track 13), AoD (Track 14), Ed Thomas (Track 15), Chris Andoh (Track 16), Mixed by Mare ‘Spike’ Stent (Tracks 1,3-11,14-16), Joker (Tracks 2,12-13), Matt Wolach and Michael Freeman (Tracks 3,16)

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