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The Vapors nominate Steve Levine for the MPG Award for Best Producer and Best Engineer for his work in both fields on the album Together. To record an album for a band returning to the studio for the first time in nearly forty years is no small feat. With the sound of the two pre-hiatus albums entrenched in the ears of fans for decades, Steve took up the challenge of producing and engineering The Vapors’ long awaited third album, recreating the feel of 80s New Wave with today’s studio equipment while giving it a modern edge so as not to make it feel outdated. The band and fans would agree that he succeeded in every way. For the band, working with Steve was a pleasure. The enthusiasm he had for the project was second to none, and paralleled by his ability to capture the mood of every song with his studio wizardry. Steve created a professional yet relaxed atmosphere as the band carved through two tracks per day, intricately crafting layers of sound culminating in a finished product

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