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trainers that convinced me to set up a record label to release his stuff. That was Xmas 2006. Since then, he’s written and produced the music for two seasons of his band’s sitcom, The Midnight Beast, on Channel 4, written and produced for Selena Gomez, toured the planet, produced a UK Xmas no1, become a face of Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator devices and written hundreds of songs. and it still feels like we’re just getting started. This year, he has numerous significant upcoming cuts on major and independent labels worldwide. He’s taken a running jump at the world of remote writing and is consistently collaborating globally. He’s very active on TikTok (his biggest video has 1.8million views and climbing) and presents a weekly Twitch TV show where he invites guests on to build a song from scratch. He’s a chameleonic, charismatic and indefatigable talent and very deserving of this award.

Written by Stefan Abingdon and Noah Adams, Produced by St£fan

Written by Stefan Abingdon, Emree Franklin and Rhiana Franklin, Produed by St£fan

Written by Stefan Abingdon and Danny Wilkin and Jake Roche (Tracks 2,4,6), writh Charley Bagnall, David Benkel and Lewi Morgan (Track 2), Produced by St£fan and Danny Wilkin and Jake Roche (Tracks 2,4,6), with Dave Benkel (Tracks 2,4)

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