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St£fan is a phenomenal talent. He’s one of the most innovative creatives I’ve ever met, with a stunning ability to construct his own sounds and create records that sound both contemporary and like nothing you’ve ever heard before. He’s produced music for his own band (The Midnight Beast, who toured the world and had two seasons of a sitcom on Channel 4), written and produced for Selena Gomez and produced a Xmas Number 1 (sure, with Lad Baby, but it was for a good cause and the recording sounds incredible, novelty record or not). The EP he produced for Scooter Braun clients push baby is the perfect confluence of off the wall ideas and straight up arena pop. He’s really embraced the shit show of 2020, jumping into remote sessions as soon as lockdown hit, and developing his presence as a music production personality via TikTok (his biggest video has 1.8million views) and his weekly production TV show on Twitch is proving incredibly popular. He’s a rare and exceedingly promising talent.

Music tracks

Produced tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6 with Jake Roche and Danny Wilkin. Produced with: Charley Bagnall track 1, Dave Benkel track 2,3,4,5, Jack Lavelle tracks 3,5.

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