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Simon has the biggest collection of weird records and either weirder synthesisers that I’ve ever seen. They’re all in his shed in West London, which, for a shed (it’s a posh one) is one of the most incredibly creative spaces. Simon started out as musical director for Icelandic artist Emiliana Torrini and quickly progressed to producing and writing with Emiliana for her own stuff and her work with the Colorist. He’s a musical magician with any number of interesting jump off points both for writing and production. His musical knowledge is unsurpassed and his ability to pull big melodic moments into line with oddball instrumentation is really something. This year has seen music released from long time collaborators Babeheaven, as well as dance newcomers like Cousn and Ross Quinn.

Written by Simon Byrt, Jamie Travis and Nancy Andersen, Produced by Simon Byrt and Babeheaven

Written by Simon Byrt, Ross Quinn, Dennis White and George Reid, Produced by Simon Byrt, Ross Quin and Dennis White

Written by Simon Byrt, Alfred Goffey and William Goffey, Produced by Simon Byrt and Cousn

Written by Simon Byrt and Marie Naffah, Produced by Simon Byrt

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