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Riley MacIntyre


I am an assistant/engineer at the Church Studios and have worked with Riley since summer 2017. Riley is an extremely hard-working, dedicated and talented engineer. He’s got to be one of the quickest in the game, and is one of the most well-focussed individuals I’ve come across in the music industry. His energy is infectious and I see it drive the impetus of sessions everyday. For example, he showed such consistent dedication to Paul Epworth’s album sessions, which ranged from intense vocal sessions with high profile artists, to full band jam recordings, choir recordings. and everything in-between. The resulting record sounds incredible and Paul would agree that Riley played a huge part in that. I was also on sessions with Riley and Mumford & Sons, where Riley’s perfect balance of technical prowess and sunny personality totally won over the band and their team. And that is why I think he deserves an MPG award! Thank you for reading and see evidence below.

I am an in-house engineer at the Church Studios, where I have worked with Riley for 5 years. I believe without question that he deserves to win the MPG award for Engineer! Over this time, I’ve probably spent more time with Riley than anyone else, and seen first hand why everyone who works with him loves him so much – producers, artists and colleagues alike. There are all the usual terms synonymous with what makes a good engineer: a strong work ethic, humility, empathy etc. For me however, Riley has redefined all of these and more, and it’s not just because it is his job – it’s simply in his nature, and you can tell people feel that. On session, he raises the game of everyone around him, and I feel lucky to have been his assistant for the best part of 3 years. In terms of the past year, the credits speak for themselves. It is time Riley gets the recognition he deserves. For me, he is the ultimate professional, and I don’t think anyone has worked harder for it.

I’d be very grateful to be considered for this award. I’ve been working relentlessly in the shadows for years, as have all of my peers, and to be acknowledged by them would be an honour. I believe my clients and the producer I work with full time (Paul Epworth) value my work ethic, my demeanour, and my deference as an engineer to the creative process.

Not only is he technically absolutely brilliant, and his work ethic absolutely immense.but his manner and personality is perfect. He manages to put everyone in any room at ease.he always knows the right thing to say (or not to say!) and through this always gets the best performances from everyone he works with. Our records would certainly not be the same without him. The care and thoughtfulness with which he treats all of the assistants at the Church is also wonderful to watch. He has taught them (and taught me!) so kindly.

Music tracks

Engineered with Dave Bayley

Engineered tracks 1-11, 13-15 Track 1 alongside Luke Pickering and Matt Wiggins and tracks 2-4 with Luke Pickering

Recording engineer alongside Luke Pickering and Ryan Enockson

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