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Rahi Malik is a DJ and Producer of Bond Reimagined, an album of James Bond classics with a modern electronic sound. He is the first producer to take on the iconic James Bond catalogue in almost 25 years, producing, arranging and mixing the album himself. The 10 song album features London’s finest jazz singers (Emma Smith, Heidi Vogel, Natalie Williams and Atila) and was produced over two years with great attention to detail and quality. Many classic analog synthesisers were used, along with guitars, pianos, organs, drum kits and orchestral instruments, in order to create a full and unique experience for Bond fans. Considerable effort was required over two years, not only in the music production but also the search for great singers, additional mixing and mastering stages, the artwork design, and the approval required from EON Productions. Bond Reimagined remains faithful to the original compositions and their charm, yet delivers an exciting new album for anyone to enjoy at anytime.

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