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Patrick Doyle: ‘Artemis Fowl (Original Soundtrack)’


The ‘Artemis Fowl’ score was written by Patrick Doyle and recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Taylor. Spanning driving contemporary action music ‘Collapse’, ‘Troll Fight’ to beautiful emotional moments such as the delicate and lyrical ‘Father and Son’ and the magical fantasy of ‘New Haven’ it’s a highly ambitious and wide ranging score which deftly mixes full orchestra with electronic percussion, synths, vocals and traditional Irish instruments. The music often uses the Uilleann pipes, not to add melody, but to create interesting textures and pairs them with modern action stylings. Further variety is shown with the emotive cue ‘Surfing’, featuring ethereal Gaelic vocals on top of a bed of electronic percussion, prominent brass section and wonderfully played string ostinatos. The score was recorded at Air Lyndhurst and mixed in 5.1 at Air-Edel Studios, London during August and September 2019.

Music tracks

Produced by Patrick Doyle, Recorded and Mixed by Nick Taylor

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