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Oliver Sykes and Jordan Fish (Bring Me The Horizon)


amo is a love album that explores every aspect of that most powerful emotion. It deals with the good the bad and the ugly, and as a result we’ve created an album that’s more experimental, more varied, weird, and wonderful than anything we’ve done before.’ Says Oliver Sykes. ‘amo’ is the 2nd album that Oliver Sykes and Jordan Fish of the band have self-produced, feeling so committed in what they were wanting to achieve, that the only route was to attempt to just do it on their own. Within this they have pushed boundaries trying out new sounds that were radically new for them, all the while sounding innately ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ ‘amo’ has been a huge success, with #1 Album in the UK, #1 on iTunes in 17 markets globally, sold c.400k and streamed 475m+ times globally, with MANTRA having over 85m streams alone. The album has had 4 /4 AList records playlisted on Radio 1, and 3 Playlisted on Virgin.The band also received their 1st Grammy Nomination for Best Rock Song for MANTRA

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