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Matty Moon


Matty comes from very humble beginnings. He hasn’t had the chance to train in a top studio, under the wing of a famed producer or had an expensive audio education. He continues to grow & learn through sheer hard-work, determination & obstinance. Working mainly from Half-ton Studios based in Cambridge, Matty has been gaining larger projects through word-of-mouth. The Muertos LP was done on a shoe-string budget. Taking inspiration from the lofi garage-psyche of bands such as The Cramps. The record is both claustrophobic and expansive in equal measure. Recorded at both The Mother Lode & Half-ton studios, Matty utilised the large & lively main room at The Mother Lode to capture big ambience on certain elements, whilst using the more controlled Half-ton rooms for more up front claustrophobic sounds. The band are a 3-piece consisting of drums and 2 guitars with dual female/male vocals. No melodic bass instruments meant that ambience and depth needed to be used to give the sound weight.

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