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Mark ‘Spike’ Stent


Another great year for Spike, cementing him as one of the World’s most in demand mixing engineers. The examples of this years work also keenly represent his ability to work across all genres from rock to dance. Shown in the above examples and also in others not mentioned such as SG Lewis ‘Chemicals’ & ‘Impacts’, BENEE ‘Supalonely’ and Nial Horan album. Spike is incredibly humble about his achievements, which is one of the multiple reasons he has loyal group of people who have continued to enjoy working with him over many years. He is unlike other mixers in that his attention to detail, patience and dedication will often lead him to spend many hours/days working with the Artist on each track, to fulfill their vision. Spike is a perfectionist technically but also manages to add that extra special magic!

Music tracks

Mixed Tracks 1-3,5,6,8-12

Mixed Disc 1 Tracks 2,3,5-8 and Disc 2 Tracks 4,5,7-9

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🎉WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT🎉 The MPG Awards 2021 Self-Producing Artist of the Year is.... @FourTet (Kieran Hebden) Huge congratulations!

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