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Since 2020, Manon has been mixing for a wide range of artists including Nao, Fredo, Aj Tracey, Arrdee, Tion Wayne, Loski, Faangs, Charlotte Jane, Lxandra, Keir, Lauren Aquilina, Amun, Kamal, Raissa, Raye, George Moir, Luz, Meekz, Nina Nesbitt, Julia Church. Manon’s diverse mixing skills allow her to work on many different music genres. She is also mastering a lot of the projects she mixes. This year alone (October 2020 to 30th September 2021), Manon has been involved in 7 top 10 records. She is becoming one of the most in demand mixer in the UK and deserves to be considered for the Mixer Of The Year Award.

Manon is quite literally THE mix engineer of 2021. She mixed and mastered nearly everything that I was listening to on the charts, and has gained more industry recognition this year than in any other year in her career. Since working with Stormzy, Fraser T. Smith, and the start of her career up to now, Manon’s reputation as one of the top engineers in our industry has only skyrocketed. She mixed Nao’s album, ‘And Then Life Was Beautifu’, along with several other top 10 UK albums and singles that were released this last year. She is also a role model and advocate for younger women in the industry looking to make it as mix and mastering engineers.

Manon is a fantastically talented mix engineer and she is really quietly and confidently paving the way for women in the industry. She is a true inspiration to anyone wanting to become a mix engineer. She is able to deliver no matter the genre. She truly understands what is needed to take a record to the next level.

Manon Grandjean has had a variety of hits in this time, she’s one of the hardest working people I’ve every met and worked with, also while being the nicest, easiest to work with, most diligent and detailed. No stone goes unturned and A&Rs, Managers and artists love her because she’s extremely pleasant, easy, communicative, always delivers on time and super quick, as well as delivering the best mixes across mult-genres in this time. Manon has had multiple top 40 single hits, with ‘Oliver Twist’ reaching No. 6 UK single, Fredo’s ‘Money Talks’ feat. Dave a No. 3 UK single, as well as top airplay songs with AJ Tracey, Tion Wayne & ArrDee, as well as exciting talented artists such as Luz, with her beautiful song ‘Counting Houses’, showing another side to Manon’s cross-genre talents in mixing. A cross of Rap, R&B and singer/songwriter & Pop. Manon has grown into an amazing mixer in these last 18 months and seeing the fruits of her labour as being one of the most talked about in the UK.

Manon Grandjean is a phenomenal Mix Engineer who has mixed some of the most important albums in previous years including Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayers & Dave – Psychodrama. As well as her incredible skill and work ethic as a topflight Mix Engineer, she is also flying the flag for Female Mix Engineers and regularly does panels and talks giving advice to the next generation. in the past year she’s further cemented herself as the best mixer in Rap/Grime, Mixing records for AJ Tracey, Arrdee, Tion Wayne, Loski & Fredo. She has also shown her versatility with mixing in different genres, Nina Nesbitt, Nao & Faangs and also mixing for hotly tipped up and coming artists such as Luz, Kamal and Raissa. Manon has given cohesion to some incredible bodies of work this year from AJ Tracey, Nao & Loski as well as some huge singles Arrdee (Oliver Twist) and I think she fully deserves the mix engineer of the award.

Manon’s work is amazing and you only need to look at her credits to see why she deserves an award. I thnk it’s time she is recognized for her huge contribution to the UK music scene.

Manon Grandjean is a meticulous mixer, creating a clean modern sound, with emphasis on a superb knack on making a solid ‘bottom end’. Sough after by many Artists and A and R particularly in the RnB, Rap genres for the aforementioned reasons. Her attention to detail in vocal production is also noteworthy.

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