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Lianne La Havas: ‘Lianne La Havas’


A brilliant self titled album from and artist with a stunning voice, recorded with her touring band, its a joy to listen to.

Music tracks

Engineered by Robert Wilks (Tracks 1,2,7,12), Daniel Moyler (Tracks2,4,9), Sam Crowe (Track 3), Homer Steinweiss and Joe Harrison (Track 5), Geordan Reid-Campbell (Track 6), Nick Hakim (Track 8), Bill Malina (Track 10), Chris Tabron and Nate Odden (Track 11), Produced by Lianne La Havas, Beni Giles (Tracks 1,2,4,7,9,12), Matt Hales (Tracks 1,2,4,9,12), Joe Harrison (Tracks 5,10), Sam Crowe (Track 3), Mura Masa (Track 4), Homer Steinweiss (Track 5), Geo (Track 6), Nick Hakim (Track 8), Chris Tabron (Track 11), Mixed by Dan Grech (Track 1,7,12), Matt Hales (Track 5,6,10), Beni Giles (Tracks 3,9), Chris Tabron (Tracks 8,11), Renaud Letang (Tracks 2,4)

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