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KYROS: ‘Romour’


Rumour is the lead single off of Kyros’ critically acclaimed third album, Celexa Dreams which released earlier this year. Mixing the influences of eighties progressive rock with synth pop, the band has been praised for it’s ambitiousness with their new album, especially as it was entirely self-produced with mixing performed by lead vocalist, keys player and songwriter, Adam Warne. Tracks like the saccharine ‘Rumour’ epitomise this feeling, with stratospheric synths combining with earthly power chords to create aural bliss. Not just that, but the muscular, restless bass of Peter Episcopo just runs rings around the other instrumentation like a naughty child, bringing to mind Geddy Lee’s springy playing on a track like ‘The Big Money’. Kyros just hit that mid-80s synth-prog bullseye so effortlessly. – Joe Astill, Heavy Blog is Heavy

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Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Adam Warne

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