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KYROS (Adam Warne)


We released our third album this year entitled CELEXA DREAMS on CD, double vinyl, digital download and online streaming. Being the main songwriter, lead vocalist, keys player as well as mixing engineer and producer, I’d therefore like to nominate myself for self-producing artist of the year. The album has seen an overwhelmingly positive response in the progressive music community with critical acclaim, a number of positive reviews, a three page spread in the PROG magazine publication as well as many other publications across Europe and the rest of the globe. Many have praised the ambitious writing and arrangement with the band combining eighties pop production with a modern day edge and the writing styles of synth pop and progressive rock and metal. I mixed the album through 2019 at Old Street Studios (where I am based) and also wrapped up the recording work there too. Drums were recorded at Generation Studio in Maidenhead – but I still manned the desk for this.

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