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Karl Zine


After many years at the musical grindstone, Karl Zine really has had a breakthrough year. He has been in bands and producing for 15 years but 2019/2020 marks the moment his home studio production/songwriting ‘officially’ recognised with various tracks supported across all media. This includes key Spotify playlists New Music Friday UK (Brooke ‘Attention’) and Spotify Fresh Finds Pop (Izzy Warner ‘Brand New’). He co-wrote/produced the end title song for cult indie movie ‘To All The Boys. PS I Still Love You’ for Hanne Mjoen which is also featured on Capitol’s soundtrack. He produced/co-wrote Clear Water for Norwegian singer Iselin (1billon+ streams on Faded) which also featured on Marvel TV Series Runaways. His first self produced Karl Zine single was released and received rave reviews from Wonderland, Beats Per Minute, The New Lofi to name a few. He also produced the infamous 21st Century Viking song in Eurovision film alongside The Weeknd and Savan Kotecha.

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