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Jonathan Hucks


Feels slightly weird nominating myself for this and especially writing why I think I deserve it, but I guess the simple explanation is that the period of time these awards are looking at really marks when I started to get a lot more engineering gigs myself after a good few years of assisting. Moving across to engineering I’ve also become a lot more involved in the projects and the ones I have nominated myself for are the ones that I am particularly proud of and enjoyed working on. In the studio I always like to keep things moving as quickly as possible whilst getting the very best recording we can without anything being too much trouble, as well as keeping the technical side of things as invisible as possible. My mindset is to try to keep everyone in the room in the creative zone, relaxed and having a good time and if I’m on top of the technical stuff it should create an environment where everything should seem pretty easy and effortless so everyone involved can enjoy the session.

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