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Jon Altham 2


Came across this on YouTube, found the production and lyrics enjoyable, especially the build around 02:45. I think Jon also has a skill for hearing the special ‘thing’ in an artist’s voice, which shows in Pia’s performance.

Produced on a Micro-Budget ($5k) during the Pandemic, ‘Brave’ ended up being a Record that was not only commercial viable, but also exceeded the expectations of the film production company, particularly the outcome of the build at 03:01. ‘Brave’ went on to receive countless awards and acclaim, this included categories such as: Outstanding Song Written for Visual Media (Hollywood Music in Media Awards), Outstanding Vocal Performance, Best Original Song, Best Lyrics & Songwriting, Best Song Sung, Best Song for Film, & Best Music, with a 94% selection rating at film festivals worldwide. Jon was involved as a Producer and was involved in all creative and technical aspects of the Record, as well as the Vocal Production. Preparation for the Vocals creatively was done via ZOOM with direction given on tonality and performance, as well as the technical aspects to provide greater commercial viability and sound quality.

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