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Jimbo Barry


Jimbo Barry has been a long time collaborator with the band The Script, working with them in the studio for many years penning hit singles with them both as a writer and a producer for hits such as Hall of Fame, Superman, Rain, The Last Time. These records have been a huge success both in sales as well as radio play. Dedication and hard work beyond the realms of a ‘normal’ job, Jimbo has taken on his work as lifestyle choice, spending years in the studio with the band to help create what is now a fantastic musical legacy.

Music tracks

Produced tracks 1 and 2 with Daniel O’Donoghue, Daniel Tsang and Mark Sheehan, Produced track 3 with Daniel O’Donoghue, David Lucius King and Mark Sheehan

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WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT! 🎼🎼🎼 We're delighted to reveal that the MPG Awards 2021 Original UK Score Recording of the Year goes to... @Hanpeel, Michael Keeney and Kris Stronge (@kandsltd) for 'The Deceived (Original Television Soundtrack)'. Huge congratulations!

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