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JBJ Studio


JBJ Studio is an amazing location on Portobello Road, very easy to get to and surrounded by super places to eat. The studio has excellent recording facilities split over two floors. Upstairs, there is seriously cool accommodation, including a slide from the master bedroom to the kitchen / living room. We got some fantastic press photos in and around the studio. We approached Jamie to record one song with a young new band. That experience was so positive, and was so reasonably priced, that we went back into the studio to record the rest of the EP. They are a knowledgeable, friendly, talented, flexible, fun team, who made a young and relatively inexperienced band feel very welcome. We were absolutely delighted with the finished sound and have no hesitation in recommending the studio to anyone working in London. Can’t wait to get back!

Hi there, I was fortunate enough to make a record at JBJ Portobello end of last year and I wanted to submit this because I was so blown away by the place. After many years and many studios, this is without doubt the coolest, most impressive and most inspiring studio I have ever visited. Situated right on top of the colourful and creative Portobello Road, there is an energy of excitement and ‘wanting to do your very best work’ from the moment you arrive . The staff were incredibly welcoming and I was utterly blown away by the space. A huge silver slide joined my bedroom to the sitting room, a multicolored spiral staircase forms the spine of the residence and takes you from Control room to roof terrace. There is a pool room, a bar area, an insane master bedroom the size of most flats with a stunning wooden bath in the middle or the floor! The live room and the studio have the best gear you can get. SSL and every instrument you could ask for! Awe inspiring! Charli

They helped me find my sound through Covid and am looking forward to going back and recording our bands EP there.

This high-end residential was set up by JBJ Recordings and is managed by 42 Peaks. Since officially opening its doors at the beginning of 2020, the studio managed to overcome the trials and tribulations of running a studio during the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic and held a number of successful recording sessions for big-name artists and clients throughout the year. Some of those names include the likes of Skrillex, Rain Radio, Liam Payne, Sigrid, Charli XCX, Headie One, Jay 1, Lena Dunham and Zoe Wees. Portobello Studio deserves the Studio of The Year Award due to it being the only London residential studio and unique in terms of its location and the total privacy it affords. Artists can lock themselves away or succumb to the vibrant Portobello Road Market on their doorstep for inspiration. And of course, the studio’s very own slide, can’t go un-mentioned! What more could you ask for? Portobello Studio is quickly making a name for itself as one of the best studios in the UK.

A studio that feels like home in London? Doesn’t sound real but JBJ studios in portobello is very real! The range of gear is unreal and I’ve used the studio for a number of my artists already including Eliza and the bear. Studios great / staff brilliant and the equipment unreal and all set in a very friendly and welcoming spot right on portobello road. The slide – yes it has a slide and the chill out areas are perfect and an amazing roof top for drinking and chilling. What a studio!

The high-end and professional setup is a relatively new gem in the recording studio scene. The studio suite itself is incredibly well stocked with top quality equipment to achieve the best results depending on the clientร•s requirements. The friendly on-hand engineers are able to recommend the most suitable setup, ensuring the best possible output is achieved. Furthermore, their experience and relaxed approach to recording puts the client at ease to allow them to focus on their artistic direction, whilst all the technicalities are taken care of behind the scenes. Ideally located on Portobello Road, the studio provides an upmarket, yet relaxed approach for both work and play, with the recording and entertaining spaces offering an unforgettable experience. The residential suite includes stylish ensuite accommodation, and a private roof terrace with views over central London – so comfort, and a professional experience is all blended together in one package.

JBJ studio, Portobello road was opened in the middle of the covid pandemic and the strain that put on the team was absolutely horrendous. Our owner didn’t qualify for any government help as the business hadn’t been trading long enough, yet he kept us all busy and all employed. Only now are we beginning to the fruits of that. The owner has successfully managed to employ 5 people (4 of which are new graduates) and the studio has received platinum awards in its first year of trading. 2022 looks just as promising with Ed sheeran, Sam Smith, Charli xcx and some American majors all booked in. On top of this the studio also opens one day a month to local schools to try and encourage children to play music. Also we have just purchased the entire monitoring rig from Abbey road studio 3! I believe these factors make JBJ a worthy consideration for studio of the year! (+ the owner said heร•ll buy all the staff tickets to the awards and we’re all dead keen on that)!

Recommend these guys. Great location great equipment, but most importantly a fantastic space. Absolutely unique. These guys really are the future of the studio industry. Really relaxed vibe and super efficient staff. Obviously, these days you can record in your bedroom, BUT, that won’t have a grand piano, won’t have a slide, wont have the monitors out of Abbey Road, and won’t have the most addictive pizza restaurant in London as a neighbour. I was genuinely impressed. 10/10.

As a session drummer, JBJ Studio in Portobello Road is, off the bat, the most fun studio I’ve ever worked in. The building itself is a joy, the architecture and design of the rooms and the building itself is just so cool, and really adds to the inspiring atmosphere. The team are professional but incredibly friendly and fun to work with. There’s a laid back, sociable and easy going vibe to their work ethic that goes a long way towards encouraging creativity. If it can be done, they will try it! They have a great selection of mics, instruments, monitoring and outboard gear, and always get amazing sounds. As a drummer, I’m constantly blown away by the drum sounds conjured up by Jamie and his assistants. I always recommend JBJ to any band or artist that comes to me for studio suggestions, and I’m a proud advocate of their work. Having worked at almost all the top recording studios in London, and elsewhere, I can honestly say they deserve the Studio Of the Year award

This is a fantastic top-end friendly, residential studio, right in the heart of West London. Set up by JBJ Recordings, it has already hosted some of the biggest artists, everyone from Skrillex to Sigrid, Liam Payne to Charlie XCX. It has a fantastic array of gear on offer and is centred around an SSL console, offering the best in both the analogue and digital world. The ambience also sets this studio apart, where there is plenty of space to chill out, including the famous slide! For all of the reasons combined I believe it deserves the recognition of Studio Of The Year Award for 2022.

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