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James Greenwood


James Greenwood aka Ghost Culture has gained substantial recognition and exposure this past year for his standout productions (& co-writes) of 3 critically acclaimed collections of work; 2 full length albums and one EP. As a long time collaborator of both Kelly Lee Owens and Daniel Avery, he has helped craft their sound from the start of their careers, and aided their rise as artists; fulfilling the exact role of producer & co-producer to nurture and give voice to the artist. In supporting the development of all the artists he works with, James Greenwood is fast becoming a go to producer who remains indisposable to the entire creative process from writing right through to remixing, which is testament to his long lasting collaborative relationships. Equally, championing brand new artists ‘as he did with Falle Nioke’ shows impeccable curatorial taste and integrity in seeking out new talent and applying his songwriting and production skills to a diverse variety of genres.

Music tracks

Tracks 2,3,5,8 on Disc 1 and Tracks 2,3,5,6 on Disc 2

Tracks 2-10 Produced with Kelly Lee Owens

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