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This is a fantastic body of work. Recontextualising a fantastic album. A wonderful listen.

IYEARA are a very interesting band right now. One I’m glad to know and have collaborated with. Producing a huge amount of very cool remixes, 2020’s full reworking of Mark Lanegan’s Somebody’s Knocking record is a huge undertaking, and one they pull off with apparent ease and confidence. It totally transforms the record, placing Lanegan’s vocal in totally new landscapes.

Taking Gahan’s voice out of this rock song and placing it back in familiar electronic territory, but giving it an entirely new spin. IYEARA’s trademark sound emerging once again in this stomper of a track.

It’s a full length remix album of Mark Lanegan’s 2019 album Somebody’s Knocking. All 14 songs brilliantly re-imagined as a dark electronic stroll through the underworld.

A great electronic reworking of the Humanist track that nods back to Dave Gahan’s classic Depeche Mode period. IYEARA pay homage whilst totally stamping their own dark wave electronica all over it.

IYEARA gives UK rock band Band Of Skulls a heavy electronic reworking. Plenty of thump and soaring and glitchy synths.

Pulsing synths and minimal glitchy beats perfectly rework this great track from UK band Birthmarks. IYEARA continue their rush of interesting remixes in 2020!

Awesome really deserve to win

IYEARA don’t do your typical club remixes. They offer a dark, atmospheric complete re-imagining of the original track. To do a full album of this, such as in the case of Mark Lanegan’s album is ambitious and goes way beyond the work of most remixers.

We’ve been doing remixes for a couple of years for various artists such as The Prodigy, Band Of Skulls, Laura Marling, The Ting Tings and many more and were gobsmacked when Mark Lanegan asked us to remix EVERY track on his ‘Somebody’s Knocking’ album. Remixing single tracks is great but to have the opportunity to approach a whole record was truly magnificent. We were honoured and so pleased to be able to release it as ‘Another Knock At The Door’ a new re-imagined body of work for both IYEARA and Mark Lanegan.

An outstanding record in its own right, IYEARA reconstructed and reimagined Mark Lanegan’s ‘Somebody’s Knocking’ in a fresh, nuanced style. Producing a dark interwoven, industrial sound, IYEARA were able to take Lanegan’s introspective lyrics and gruff, vocal delivery and turn into something altogether different from the original; a fitting bedfellow to a critically acclaimed original score.

Just sounds so organic and the sense of space is fantastic!

Just think it’s great! Floats so well because of the mix

They have done some great remixes this year and we loved the one they did for us.and it got a large size US sync.

This is a particularly great remix, and these guys have beem making better and better ones over the last couple of years, really nailing their game!

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