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Inflo 1


Great Album

.’Hands down the most creative Producer I’ve ever worked with. Bold, brave and dedicated. Unique and uncompromising, Inflo is one of a kind. Expect the unexpected and be thrilled hahaha!!!.’

‘Inflo deserves an MPG Award for a stellar year which included him being the recipient of two prestigious awards in recognition of his work. In addition to those albums Inflo was also able to produce three other critically acclaimed albums of which two have been pronounced as album of the year contenders immediately upon their release by a number of influential music critics including NME, The Guardian, NPR and Variety to name but a few. The first award for Inflo was for producing ‘Grey Area’ by Little Simz which led to him receiving the ‘Ivor Novello’ album of the year award. The second was the 2020 Mercury Prize for ‘Kiwanuka’ by Michael Kiwanuka. This album received high praise from various publications helping to solidify Michael Kiwanuka as one of the UK’s best musical exports. All in all Inflo has been able to play his part in supporting the British music industry with albums that have resonated far and wide and more importantly brought joy to listeners all over the world!.’

An undeniable talent.

Music tracks

Produced all tracks with Danger Mouse

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