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Graham Gouldman: ‘Modesty Forbids’


Graham continues to mine his extraordinary talent with the 2020 solo album ‘Modesty Forbids’ Co-produced by Graham Gouldman and Graeme Pleeth, it features contributions from Ringo Starr, Beth Neilson Chapman, Gordon Kennedy, Phil Thornalley, Bill LLoyd and Gregg Bissonette. The album’s eclectic mix of subjects and genres is an infectious joy. From the humble Beatles tribute of ‘Standing Next To Me’, the jazz/swing ode to his wife ‘That’s Love Right There’, environmental awareness of ‘Hangin’ By A Thread’ and instrumental diversion of ‘Russian Doll’, the album’s diversity is a strength that perhaps reflects Graham’s impressive career. ‘Modesty Forbids’ is an amalgam of Graham Gouldman’s greatest songwriting gifts; memorable tunes, thoughtful lyrical wordplay and songwriting craftsmanship captured in recordings with flare and panache. World-class musicianship as it’s best.

Music tracks

Engineered by Graeme Pleeth (Tracks 1-9,11), Bruce Sugar (Track 1), Cameron Craig (Track 2), Frank Rosato (Track 3,4,7,9), Phil Thornalley (Track 10), Produced by Graeme Pleeth and Graham Gouldman (Tracks 1-9,11), Phil Thornalley (Track 10), Mixed by Graeme Pleeth

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