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Georg Buljo


The eponymous Takula album is the product of a remarkable project to rescue a huge music archive held by the Malawian Broadcasting Corporation. Cooperation came from Norwegian broadcaster NRK and music activist Sigbjorn Nedland, who took tape machines to Malawi [where the studios were now all digital]. They digitised over 5000 pieces of music on often damaged tapes held by MBC, the only recording studio in the country over decades. The recordings of Malawian traditional music, and pop music were offered as inspiration to 4 young musicians, distanced from their tradition by lack of access to this musical history. Collaborating with Georg Buljo, a noted producer from Norway, the band crafted a beautiful contemporary album in a basic recording studio. The album charted this year in the important WMCE and Transglobal Charts. The project embodies the extensive and multiple skills a producer must have to see a project like this reach fruition.

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