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Dr. Rick Snoman for sharing with the world how to produce a released chill song start to finish

Dr. Rick Snoman is worthy of the award not only for providing the world with his beautiful piece called Blue Sky that he recently released under his alias of Aeon Soul, but also due to his selfless act of sharing with students at his online platform DanceMusicProduction.Com how it was produced, start to finish. The track itself is a mid-tempo vocal chill song that takes listeners through a beautiful journey of nostalgia & melancholy. It is one thing to produce & release beautiful tracks for the public to enjoy, but it is another to show enthusiasts who want to learn the art how it is done, professionally — all without hiding ‘well-guarded’ industry techniques. Moreover, Dr. Snoman just opened the first open studio dedicated to Dance Music in the UK, which is designed to teach students the craft & the art. Without a doubt, this will greatly contribute to increasing the UK’s global reputation, as many students from across the world will seek to come learn from him, by his side.

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