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Daniel Pemberton: ‘Motherless Brooklyn (Original Motion Picture Score)’


The score to Motherless Brooklyn involved trying to create a very complex new sound palette, atmosphere and world that felt fresh and new yet also captured the noir-esque cinematics of 1950’s New York. It combined traditional and non-traditional jazz scoring elements, complex custom sound design and instrument build and unusual orchestral textures. It started from improvised experimental workshops with English saxophonist Tomas Challenger. These were used to create digital loops and instruments over which more ‘traditional’ elements could be written. Certain pieces in the score are a real hybrid of both techniques – such as ‘Borough Authority’ and ‘Across Harlem’ which showcase reconstructed workshopped sampler instruments alongside live scoring sessions – whilst others such as ‘Woman In Blue’ and ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ demonstrate a more traditional approach to recording and scoring, with the key to capturing the best performances we could with players in both London + New York.

Music tracks

Produced by Daniel Pemberton, Recorded and Mixed by Sam Okell

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