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Daniel Pemberton: ‘Birds Of Prey And The Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn (Original Motion Picture Score)’


This was a highly detailed and complex recording project spread across virtually every studio in LA. It combined gospel choirs, metal bands, acid house, opera, experimental classic music, hip hop, rock guitar riffs and japanese flutes. We wanted to create a soundtrack that was as colourful as Harley Quinn – I felt she would be as at home in a rave, opera or a mosh pit and I wanted the music to reflect her chaotic and eclectic personality. Recording and mixing the score involved using many different techniques – from live band jams, soprano solos, Roland 303 wig outs, 50 piece strings sections, choirs, whistles, people screaming – in many different studios selected for their sonic suitability and then trying to make the whole piece work as a crazy colourful work of soundtrack art. As well as the score this approach was also used to create the single ‘Jokes On You’ by Charlotte Lawrence. Key tracks: Fight Together, The Fantabulous Emancipation, Roller Vs Roller, The Bertinelli Revenge

Music tracks

Produced by Daniel Pemberton, Recorded and Mixed by Sam Okell

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