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I’ve been recommended by quite a few music industry peers to apply for this years MPG awards for all the engineering, mixing and production I’ve done in the last year. The majority of work was recording/mixing the entire 26 track album from Big Narstie called “BDL Bipolar”, which also included engineering the vocals, bringing the stems together and producing all of the interludes/skits on the album. It’s the first time I’ve applied to the MPG Awards and the first album I’ve ever mixed entirely, which includes features such as Ed Sheeran and Craig David. Shortly after I then went on to work with Sir David Attenborough. I’ve attached a full written explanation outlining the past year of work which would be great if you could read to get the full context of the work involved – I would love to even just be considered for the MPG Awards 2020 as it’s been an absolute crazy whirlwind of a year 🙂 Kind regards, Dan Vinci (Daniel M Vinci).

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