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Hello, I’ve been recommended by quite a few music industry peers to apply for this years MPG awards for all the engineering, mixing and production I’ve done in the last year. The majority of work was mixing the entire 26 track album from Big Narstie called “BDL Bipolar”, which also included engineering the vocals, bringing the stems together and producing all of the interludes/skits on the album. It’s the first time I’ve applied to the MPG Awards and the first album I’ve ever mixed entirely, which includes features such as Ed Sheeran and Craig David. Shortly after I then went on to work with Sir David Attenborough. I’ve attached a full written explanation outlining the past year of work which would be great if you could read to get the full context of the work involved – I would love to even just be considered for the MPG Awards 2020 as it’s been an absolute crazy whirlwind of a year 🙂 Kind regards, Dan Vinci (Daniel M Vinci).

I honestly have never met a human so dedicated and passionate about his work, he is absolutely non-stop, putting 110% into his art. Giving up his social life and basic needs so he can deliver before the deadline with impeccable skills and attention to detail.

Dan is one of the most positive and motivated people I know. His dedication to his work in music and delivering his best – as well as the vision of the artist in its truest essence – is truly inspirational. He is a pleasure to know and a joy work with. He never skips on the tiny adjustments and details, and will always go the extra mile to make sure the production / mix / show is the best it can be. He is a great people person and communicator and always gives positive comments and compliments to those around him, lifting the vibe in any situation. He is truly talented and able to adjust to the mood, language and feeling of all his music projects with great fluidity and amazing enthusiasm. Recognition for his work in music is very well deserved!

Dan is the most positive, hardworking and dedicated professional I know in the music industry. His passion for music oozes out of him and he has a special talent of making people feel fantastic whilst recognizing and pushing them to their best potential. He works all hours around the clock, ensuring his clients are ecstatic with the final result.

Dan Vinci is the hardest working engineer who is consistently reliable, patient and diligent in his work. His life revolves around his craft and he works day and night to make sure his clients are happy with the final product. Dan has also inspired and encouraged myself and many others to pursue their dreams and constantly pushes everyone to reach their potential. His love for collaboration and music is contagious and I wish there were more people in the industry like him. He has worked so hard over the years and it is time for him to get the recognition he deserves.

Dan has an overwhelming strong work ethic. He goes to extreme lengths to ensure the success of a song or album for every artist he works with. I’ve never met someone to work such long hours without hesitation. He puts his heart and soul into every song he’s a part of

Dan deserves an MPG Award because he is incredibly talented at what he does but also puts his heart and soul into his work to make it come alive, he works insanely hard and relentlessly to unsure others are happy always going beyond for artists and ensuring the blend of product and ideas work perfectly. He’s amazing and an inspiration!

Dan is very creative, super professional and great human being to work with, he’s incredibly talented and quick to deliver, a joy to work with him. The hardest working guy in the biz!

One of the most hardworking, talented engineers I have come across. A breathe of fresh air for this industry and someone who can make strides to make history with artists.

I’ve worked with Dan before on a few different projects and know him well as a friend. His work ethic is second to none and he has this wonderful energy that’s so creative and just pretty epic to be around. He goes above and beyond when it comes to each individual project and can input his own incredible creative idea when he needs to. I don’t know anyone more deserving of this award and am so proud of him for being nominated. Go Dan!!

Dan Vinci is always on the go, constantly working whether it’s on his own personal projects, with his clients or organising an event to help out his community. And if he gets a rare night out he’ll be networking with someone.

Dan’s work ethic is insane, he understands the brief completely and always delivers excellent results. He’s truly passionate and always gets the job done no matter how long it takes. He’s really hardworking and best of all a pleasure to work with, very talented and down to earth, if anyone deserves it it’s Dan.

Dan lives and breathes the work he takes on – I’ve never met a harder working guy, or someone who brings so much joy to the people he works with. Truly a monster support in any collaboration.

Dan has an incredible work ethic and shows passion, enthusiasm and relentless energy for his projects including this one. Dan is extremely talented and his work is original and impeccable. Whilst demonstrating great character, kindness and authenticity. A gifted and great person, he fully deserves this award.

Dan is one of the most hardworking people I’ve met, always going above and beyond to try and make every project as perfect as it can be for every client. He has great passion for what he does and his attention to detail is on point. I have worked with him before he is warm, friendly and very funny. I donÕt know anyone he doesn’t get on with, a total people person kind and willing to go the extra mile. No matter what the project is, a 100% effort is always made.

Dan has worked incredibly hard with several big artists making hit tracks but hasn’t had the exposure he truly deserves. He loved working with Big Narstie and the quality of what he came up with is epic. The guy never sleeps and his talent and dedication to his craft goes beyond words. Despite his busy schedule he always finds time for new projects and supports everyone despite his high quality of work and length of experience. He really deserves this.

Dan is one of the hardest working people I know. His working days often finish in the early hours of the morning, and then he wakes up and does the whole thing again the next day–but he never complains about it. He’s always got time for people and is a really good person. He’s dedicated and goes the extra mile (or extra hundred miles) to get the job done well and on time. He’s tireless and full of energy and undoubtedly deserves recognition for his work.

Dan Vinci is one of the hardest working engineers I have ever met working in the music industry! His dedication to his work and his artists is like no other – he has regularly worked on less than 3 hours sleep a night to deliver on a deadline to the highest standard. There is no one more deserving than Dan Vinci for this award!

Constantly working harder than anybody else, putting creativity and passion into everything he produces and everyone he works with. Huge potential to change the game and deserves to be recognised for his contributions. Also an all round legend

Dan is 100% solid as a rock both as a friend and professional. The amount of work he takes on is insane. I also personally saw Dan witness his best friend passing away during making the Big Narstie album and a whole heap of other work that he does single handedly. He just soldiers on despite any difficult times put in his way and has the patience of a saint (he even helped me move house even when he is the busiest guy I know he still makes time for people!!!!!). Even the rough MP3 mixes he sends me are always incredible quality, his ears / ideas and talent is outstanding for his age, better than some of my contacts who have been doing it twice as long with old grey beards! I remember swinging by the studio when he was in a session and there were over 12-14 big rough looking guys in there recording and they all respect Dan when he speaks. he has a special aura about him for sure, he’s going to be a big name some day, I know it!

Dan is truly one of those rare people who puts everything and anyone before him. I’ve never seen someone who works so hard and puts so much time and energy into each project. His super friendly charm and positive outlook on life makes him so magnetic to those around him. I expect great things from him in this industry and have personally heard some of the projects he’s working on where he’s breaking new ground/territory in the music industry. I felt compelled to write this as he’s so humble and can imagine he would cringe at me writing this! The recognition is massively deserved and wish him the best of luck!!!!

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