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Cenzo Townshend


Cenzo has pushed his boundaries this year by working by mixing breaking new artists such as Sea Girls, Inhaler and APRE. As well as making new partnerships with established artists like Birdy, Oh Wonder, The Rolling Stones. Even with Cenzo’s success as a mixer, he has kept his ear open to new emerging talent. Whether they be on a major label, independent or self-releasing. This has kept Cenzo involved in a diverse group of artists which continues to expand.

.’Cenzo is a dedicated mix engineer, always looking at new way to create the best sounding record for the artist whilst using traditional techniques that he has learned over his many years of mixing. Constantly working with different genres, Cenzo isn’t tied down to just one sound and is willing to turn his hand at anything with the confidence he will do it to the best of his ability..’

Music tracks

Mixed with Oh Wonder (Tracks 1-10) with Anthony West (Tracks 3,4,6)

Mixed Tracks 1-11

Mixed Tracks 6-11 and 14

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