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Carey Willetts


Carey has had an excellent year continuing to make great music with long term collaborator Dermot Kennedy and has producing track from Freya Ridings top 5 debut album. He has a unique style and is a beautiful human being.

Carey has been instrumental in developing Dermot Kennedy’s sound from straight acoustic folk to the unique acoustic hip hop hybrid that it is today and has produced and/or mixed many of his key releases to date. He has 3 tracks on Freya Ridings’ album, and produced & mixed all but one of the tracks on Australian singer-songwriter, Hein Coopers’, sophomore album. Carey has a unique ability to combine beats and electronics to acoustic songs in a way that brings them alive and up to date without losing their essence and emotion.

Music tracks

Poison and Holy Water Produced with Alex Gilbert and Ollie Green

Tracks 3 and 6 produced with Stephen Kozmeniuk

Produced with Hein Cooper

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