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Cam has pioneered vocal production in the UK; the US has Kuk Harrell – we have Cam GP. I always keep up with Cam’s releases, and this year he’s continued to deliver hit after hit. I am always in awe of how he is able to create a comfortable recording environment for his clients, as well as give performance direction in subtle, friendly ways. Being on sessions with Cam is what inspired me to get into vocal production, and he has always been supportive of my learning. Besides the fact that his work absolutely dominates UK charts, he is always appreciative of the work of studio personnel, is kind, down to earth, and gets the job done.

Cameron has a unique skill in managing to make the artist feel incredibly comfortable and getting the best performance out of them! There is no one better in the UK.

Cam is the best. Trustworthy, hard working, creative, genuinely passionate about the music and artists he works with. Cam has an amazing ability for getting an extra 10% out of a record. We’re currently working together on Rina’s forthcoming album and the vocals sound incredible, we are so happy with the results and he is always available at the last minute to help with anything.

Cam is the best. He is genuinely passionate about the music and artists he works with. ‘Therapy’ wouldn’t have been the same without Cam’s input and vocal production. We’ve worked with Cam since day one, and we wouldn’t choose to work with anyone else. Cam has an amazing ability for getting an extra 10% out of a record. ‘Don’t Play’ was a huge start to 2021 and we couldn’t have done it without him! He is a pleasure to be around in the studio and is always there to assist and makes the whole process of recording much more fun

Cameron is one of, if not THE most exciting Vocal Producer coming out of the UK. He is consistently relied upon by the UK and Europe’s biggest artists to help deliver hit worthy vocals. He does this through hardwork, diligence, a love of music and a great understanding of what’s needed from a modern characterful vocal. He’s the go to name in Vocal Production and is only going from strength to strength.

His ability to get the best out of an artist is second to non.

Cam is a joy to work with, he’s incredibly dedicated and hard-working and delivers incredible results every time. Mahalia has been working with him for years now, and she trusts him more than anyone else to produce and record her vocals. ‘Roadside’, as well as any other Mahalia record, wouldn’t be the same without his world class vocal production. He really brings out the best takes from her every time they work together. Cam has also been a huge asset working with April, a developing artist I work with, and he has been invaluable with her – building her confidence in the studio and helping her deliver really exceptional vocals.

Well I’m nominating myself here! 2020/21 has been a mega year for me – huge thanks to the incredible artists, labels, managers who continue to work with me and to trust me with their vocals. Vocal Production is such an essential part of the record making process – particularly in pop music. Being a Vocal Producer is so much more than just capturing a performance. I work with the artists and producers to help develop their vision for each record. We create working relationships that allow us to hit the ground running each and every time we get in the studio. The projects I’m putting myself forward for are true collaborations of incredible artists / producers / writers / engineers – and while I’m sure all these songs would’ve had just as much success without my vocal productions, I like to think I’ve given them an edge and excitement that will keep them ticking over in the charts and playlists for just a few weeks longer!

In demand and does an exemplary job

Cameron is hands down one of the best vocal producers in the UK. He is the go to vocal producer for: Dua Lipa, Anne Marie, KSI, Mahalia, Mabel, Rita Ora, Griff, Olivia Dean, Claudia Valentina and many more! Those artists are trusting him to record and produce their vocals to pop perfection, and I believe he fully deserves this award.

We work with many vocal producers, but Cameron is on another level. Any files we receive back from him are recorded to perfection, ready to go and most importantly he knows how to get the best out of the artist, last year being Anne-Marie. We worked on a lot of Anne-Marie’s album which Cameron vocal produced including our track Don’t Play. Getting a great recorded vocal and performance is as important if not more than than everything else on a song and Cameron does it to perfection. Don’t play reached platinum in its first year and had been nominated for Song of the year at Brits and without Cameron’s amazing work on the vocals the song wouldn’t have been the same! So he gets our vote

Cam is the best. Meticulous, hard working, genuinely passionate about the music and artists he works with. ‘Let Them Know’ / ‘Roadside’ wouldn’t have been the same without Cam’s input / support / vocal production. We’ve been working with Cam since day one, and we wouldn’t choose to work with anyone else. Cam never fails to bring the best out of Mabel / Mahalia in the studio. Cam has an amazing ability for getting an extra 10% out of a record and he does it all with a smile on his face!

Superb vocal production.

Vocal Produced Tracks 1,3-12 (Track 3 with Raphaella and Tracks 5 and 12 with TMS)

Vocal Produced with Jenna Felsenthal

Vocal Produced Tracks 4,5,13,14,21

Vocal Produced with RAYE

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