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Andy Bradfield


Any one that can mix some thing like Mark Kelly’s Amelia – all 10 minutes and 160 tracks of it – during the height of the pandemic and make it sound effortless needs to be nominated for a MPG! I worked with Andy on Script Remix and someone having the guts to remix my Favourite ever ALBUM deserves an AWARD 🙂

.’Nominating Myself. Another very varied year of mixing for me! Lot’s of great music projects and some film Score’s (in 5.1 and stereo OST) , plus the amazing fish Album in 5.1. The Script for a Jester’s Tear Deluxe album project was great fun. Avril Mackintosh & I remixed the Album in Stereo & 5.1, and also mixed an incredible live marquee show from1982 which had never been released, and an EP including the eponymous .’.’Grendel.’.’ a LOT of material to mix! Mark Kelly’s Marathon – Mark Kelly’s solo project, Amelia is the first single from the Album I mixed. Craig’s Score for Ivan, was absolutely breathtaking and set the scene for a fabulous film. It was also one of the longest score’s I have ever mixed too! Fish – Weltshmerz Album – Avril Mackintosh & I mixed the 5.1 Album. This is also a double Album (It is prog after all!) and supposedly the big man’s last album – an honour to be part of – great song’s and fabulous productions, and great to be able to mix it in surround..’

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