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I’m a hard working producer, but I am most proud of how I make the artists feel that I work with. They reported that they felt seen, respected and saw a paradigm shift in what they traditionally expected from a producer. A work which was balanced , collaborative and sustainable. I strive towards uplifting the voice and life of the artist I work with. To work around their circumstances and nurture their creativity and freedom and not prescribe a ‘right’ way to do things or to be. This way the music lives, the art flies and the artist is happy and ready for their next creation. My work as a writer producer with Anoushka Shankar has already been Grammy nominated which honored me deeply; but an MPG award nomination would represents an deeply desired accolade from my peers in the UK – where these productions were recorded and produced and my heart lies. Additional Info: Love Letters PS by Anoushka Shankar also includes work with Norah Jones and writer Nikita Gill.

Alev Lenz is a stellar producer, who dives deep in the work she adopts as her own. Her attention to detail in the music as well as in the lyrics was impeccable throughout the production process. The lyrics on the record are in Arabic – a language she does not speak, yet that didn’t stop her from understanding every song to its core. The process was very organised, and the communication channels between myself as the artist, and Alev was always open and clear. I felt comfortable voicing my opinions with her, my likes and dislikes, and she was incredibly receptive, understanding and respectful. Alev took my music and elevated it in every way possible while keeping the integrity of the original creation. For decades, the music industry inserted an image of what a music producer should be like – Alev managed to break stereotypes, and build a new image of a collaborative leader. A visionary who embraces the art with care instead of recreating it in their own image.

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