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ALALAL (Alan O’Connell)


From Eastcote in-house engineer to working exclusively with Paul Epworth/Mark Ronson on some of the biggest selling albums(Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney) to recently producing 2X multi-platinum selling albums in France. I have developed my own systems and approach. Predominantly known as an engineer I have this year entered the UK as a standalone Producer. This year featured When Young Reasons to Dream for Virgin EMI and additional production and mixing for Rose Elinor Dougall on A New Illusion. Following my French success as a producer, I am glad to have broken into the UK this year. When Young ‘Reasons to Dream’ My brief; to Produce a big sounding album within the constraints of a three-piece with severe time limitations and touring schedules.
It was paramount for myself and the band to have a signature sound which was lush and epic but also respecting the constraints of a 3 piece. Incredible support from engineers Jimmy Robertson and Al Lawson and mixing from Dan Grech and Dave Eringa

Al has produced 2 multi platinum selling albums in France, and this is his first fully produced album in the UK. Al has worked intensively and passionately on the debut album for When Young (Virgin/EMI). His previous engineering skills and vast engineer credits with Mark Ronson and Paul Epworth have steered and guided Al, giving him a unique and powerful base to draw from. His enthusiasm, Irish charm, phenomenal ears, attention to detail, warmth, and pure talent, has culminated here to create an exceptional album. Al is an exceptional producer with whom artists respect and adhere to. Al’s production career is very exciting to watch right now.

Excellent production – a big leap forward from the preceding EP. A big sounding record for a three piece and all the extra layers work really well.

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